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Testimonials - what they say about me!

Sabrina Hoche, University Student, Vienna – ‘Rod helped me organise my work and concentrate on learning English. He gave me clear aims and really helped me a lot with my vocabulary and grammar. Without him I would not have got a ‘2’ in my Matura.’

Rober Kreuzwiesner, Product Manager, Nordmann Rassmann GmbH – ‘Since Rod has been teaching us I can take part in international meetings and conferences much more confidently. I can join in conversations. My communication skills in English have really improved.’

Andrea Huber (on behalf of Max, aged 13) – ‘Max wasn’t doing so well in school. But now he really likes English and my teacher says he is one of the best in the class.’

Wendy Jones, Senior Fellow in EAP, University of Southampton – ‘Rod is an excellent classroom manager.’

Michael Houten – (British Council Project Manager) – ‘I’ve known Rod for 20 years now. He is a great communicator and always establishes really positive relationships with his students.’

Jens Loeffler (Trainer, Vienna, Austria) –‘Rod and I meet in a café and talk about business matters. I am applying for jobs in London and now I understand the British business scene much better.’

Peter Rackocz, LKW Walter GmbH – ‘Rod has helped me to communicate more efficiently and effectively with our partners across Europe.’

Alexandra Hartmann, Jewish Vocational Educational Centre (JBBZ), Vienna, Austria – Alexandra Hartmann, Head of Language and Social Competence)– ‘Rod provided a friendly and open atmosphere for Iranian Jewish refugees to learn English.’

Professor Paul Zuhlehner (former Professor of Religious Studies, University of Vienna) – ‘Rod has been helping me with the translation of my book. He has halso helped me prepare for an important seminar presentation in Boston, USA.’

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